URGENT RECALL: Thousands of pregnancy tests at risk

Here's what you need to know.

October 08 2018

Nearly 60,000 pregnancy tests have been recalled after some of the tests mistakenly told women they were pregnant - and they weren't.

Makers of the digital Clear & Simple pregnancy test manufactured by Guangzhou Wondfo Biotech, are being advised to return it. The tests are thought to have been distributed in the UK - but could be available on-line. The makers of the Digital 1 Test pack only, Lot No DM10220170710E, expiry date 9thJanuary 2020 have issued a recall warning.

It's only these pregnancy tests that have been affected, and the recall does not apply to other batches of this product or the twin pack Digital Test.

The manufacturers have issued these photos to help people assess if they have bought a potentially faulty digital pregnancy test.



The specific lot number of the affected tests is on and inside the packaging.

  • Description - Clear and Simple Digital Pregnancy Test
  • Catalogue Number - DM-102
  • Lot Number - DM10220170710E
  • Expiry Date - January 2020

Clear & Simple has reassured consumers on its website that "very small numbers of the tests" from one batch were producing inaccurate results and all other Clear & Simple pregnancy tests remain more than 99 per cent accurate.

'Affected stocks have already been removed from retail shelves and are in our warehouse awaiting destruction,' a statement reads. 'We are very sorry for any inconvenience and upset that this manufacturing fault may have caused, and we are working closely with the manufacturer to ensure the accuracy of future supplies.'

As long as there’s nothing faulty in your pregnancy test, it’s rare to get a false positive result.

False positives in pregnancy tests tend to be much more rare than false negatives. So, what happened? According to an alert by the manufacturer, the false positives may be because of "a large gap between the test strip bracket and the plastic enclosure of the Digital pregnancy," which "made a change in the light path ... which eventually led to a larger signal value.'


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