Cassandra Thorburn hits back at cruel online trolls

Karl Stefanovic’s ex has been on the receiving end of vile comments

September 16 2018

Cassandra Thorburn has lashed out at online trolls after they criticised her appearance.

In an Instagram post from last week, the journalist and author – who split from Karl Stefanovic in 2016  - revealed she had been targeted for ‘looking her age.’

'Online trolls 'she looks her age not stunning'. Is that supposed to be offensive? Is there something wrong with looking your age?' she wrote alongside a photo at the Women of the Future Awards in Sydney on September 5.

'Did I miss the memo that you should not embrace your age, your body, your face, your intelligence'. I am happy in my skin, with who I am and my age which means I've lived long enough to have learned and experienced so much.'

She finished with: 'Is it meant to mean if you look your age you are not good enough. Well sorry because I disagree. I am, you are, we are!'

The 47-year-old recently gave her first TV interview since her split with Karl, promoting her new children’s book Leo Lion’s Big Bed – of which profitsare going to Relationships Australia to help children caught in separation between parents - on The Morning Show.

This article was first published by Who.