Brave mother of six children under seven opens up about her frightening diagnosis

"'I'll kick cancer's a**e before it kicks mine"

October 23 2018

The brave and upbeat personality behind blog Eight At Home is known for her frank and hilarious approach to life. 

Krechelle Carter, 28, from South Australia has always preached not to take life too seriously, especially when it comes to parenting. 

But, the normally bubbly personality has shared her devastating diagnosis.

Speaking to FEMAIL, Carter said: "I've just found out I will need to have my bowel removed to save myself from getting colon cancer and have a permanent stoma and bag fitted.

"I am my husband's world and my six children rely on me for everything from holding their hand through the tough times to tucking them in bed at night."

Krechelle and her husband Dave share six children - Sylus, 7, Noah, 5, Olivia and Paige, 4, Bailey 3 and Emerson, 2. 


These are my babes. All six of them. I get asked a lot of names and ages :) Sylus just turned seven here. Noah is 5 Olivia and Paige are 4 Bailey is 3 Emerson is almost 2. I feel a little lost without a baby in the house. Am I crazy? Probably. But gosh I love it. I love all of it. Pregnancy. Breastfeeding. Learning to walk. Holding hands. Hugging tiny ones. Reading to big ones. Hugging big ones. Reading to tiny ones. Teaching them maths. Cooking up a storm. Sorting out their rooms. Going for walks. Learning to ride bikes, scooters, skateboards. learning. loving. holding. I love every darn minute of it. Well that's not true; not every darn minute. Like when they try and do gymnastics off bunk beds. Or everybody can't find the remote- EVERYDAY. Or they all have to poop before bed ? Or when they all simultaneously have a growth spurt and miss the size I've just bought all their clothing in. Or when they all start banging cutlery at a restaurant. Wait what was I talking about? Oh right ; I love my life. And I absolutely do! Doesn't mean some moments don't drive me up the wall. You know how you know you're a good mum? You just try to be one. And you worry your not one. And some days you give up and you give them toast and you put them to bed and you start again the next day. I'm just trying. Everyday. And when all else fails I palm them to my wonderful husband @dad_vs_life. These are my six. Gosh I love them! Krechelle Xx Any friends in Perth go check out @dilkarraphotography how amazing are these shots!!! 😍😍😍😍 #mumlife #mommyblogger #adelaideloves #blogging #largefamilylife #instamom #motherhoodrising #momlife #healthymum #family #mummy #fitness #photography #tattooedgirls #mumssupportingmums #blogger #mumblog #reallife #adelaideblogger #farmhousedecor #healthylife #adelaide #weightlosstransformation #weightloss #homeworkout


Speaking candidly about her situation, Krechelle explained she was diagnosed with polyp disease after undergoing a series of colonoscopies. 

"They [doctors] had been finding these polyps...that are the worse kind to find. 12 months later they were still finding them," she said. 

The young mum also said she found out there was a family risk of colon cancer and her medical team were concerned about the fact she had these sorts of growths at such a young age.

"We sat down with the surgeon and that's when they gave me the ultimatum - 'get a bag to save your life'."

Krechelle said this means removing her colon and putting in a stoma in order to reduce her potentially high risk of developing colon cancer.

"At the age of 28, I can't take a risk that big with six young children," she continued. 


Hey team; Jeez this is a hard one to write. You see I'm a positive person. And I'm a practical person. So when I heard on Thursday they would be removing my entire bowel in the near future so I don't get cancer. I thought; "Dam straight we are; fuck you cancer we're gonna take the bowel before you take it" And then I'm gonna live my life with my six children with no bowel and no super high risk of cancer in that bowel. I found out I have aggresive polyp disease of my face and bowel (two different types of polyp diseases) That will effect me for the rest of my life. Sinus surgery is first this Wednesday and it's close to the brain and the eye. But I've totally got this. And then after I recover from that surgery I'll be seeing a bowel surgeon in relation too where we go from here and when we take out my bowel. And I'm okay with it. And I'm ready for it. And I'm going to survive it. But I've had moments. Where I have doubted my strength and my positivity. Where I've felt like being so positive is naive. I've cried through writing down wishes for my children as they grow and funeral plans; not because I'm going to die but because I want to be prepared. Because that is my nature. That is just who I am. I want Dave to know that he has a wife that will nag him even when I'm sedated. (Sorry Dave but not sorry) I've had ups and downs. And that's going to keep going; hey it's only Friday. And believe it or not the feeling that I've felt most is; guilt. Guilty that I need to take some time away from being a mum to have a sinus surgery and then a bowel surgery and I can't be the kind of mum the kids need me to be. I feel guilty that my friends and family are worried and their scared and sad. They don't need to be. But it's okay that they are. Guilty that I can't be there for my friends, family and husband; the way I want to. Guilty that we don't have back up plans for our back up plans and we're a bit scrambled. I gave myself permission to have a couple of days to process that my life has changed forever. I give my permission to feel whatever I need too. Continued in comments..... or on Facebook xx


Krechelle continues, "Although I'm putting on a brave face that I'll kick cancers a*** before it kicks mine, I'm scared and saddened that I got chosen to go through this." 

The brave mother adds that her husband Dave has gone from working full-time to not working at all so he can concentrate on helping her recover and look after the kids.

Krechelle and her family and friends have begun a GoFundMe to raise money that will be used to help with the families living expenses. 


This story first appeared on New Idea