Revealed: Man's twisted web of lies to avoid being caught for killing his wife - revealed

Borce Ristevski finally admitted to a manslaughter charge

March 19 2019

Borce Ristevski's phone conversations reveal the true extent of the web of lies he created in a bid to avoid justice for killing his wife, Karen.  

A ruling made in the Supreme Court of Victoria in Melbourne last week revealed how Ristevski desperately tried to fool the police and his family into thinking he had no idea what had happened to Karen Ristevski after her mysterious disappearance. 

He has now pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of his 47-year-old partner, in June 2016.



According to the new information revealed, Ristevski had told the couple’s daughter Sarah, not to trust police, after his wife's disappearance  and told his nephew he had organised for Sarah’s boyfriend to buy new SIM cards for his mobile phone to avoid police listening in to all his calls.

He told a female relative that it was not up to him “to clear his name”.

The ruling also revealed that Ristevski slammed the police in phone calls to his daughter  saying, “they don’t give a f**k”.

According to phone records, he didn't call any family or friends to talk about his wife after she disappeared from their home in Avondale Heights near Melbourne. His story about his activities on the day Karen disappeared also changed several times.

He told a friend he went to the northern Melbourne suburb of Lalor that morning, but didn’t tell police, telling the friend in a call, tapped by police: “Make sure you don’t say anything … don’t let … tell ’em anything that I spoke to you about, nothing at all.”



Eight months after she went missing, Karen's body was found, buried in a shallow grave in a bushland in Macedon Regional Park.

When a reporter contacted Ristevski to tell him his wife's remains had been found, he replied 'it's got nothing to do with me', according to documents published with Justice Christopher Beale's ruling.   

Ristevski was aware his phone was being monitored by police at the time of the investigation in 2016, and asked his daughter's boyfriend to buy him new SIM cards.

According to the court documents, he changed his mobile number twice.

Last week Ristevski pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter on the eve of his murder trial after Justice Christopher Beale ruled that although Ristevski may have killed his wife, shoved her body in the back of her Mercedes-Benz and dumped her near Mount Macedon, that didn't prove he meant to murder her.

Evidence of murderous intent after she went missing was ruled inadmissable and he admitted the lesser charger of manslaughter of his wife Karen. 


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