Dad distraught after stranger punches his 10-week-old baby in the head

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Content Editor / March 18 2019

A Perth dad was left distraught after a man punched his newborn baby in the head outside a pub.

The baby was strapped to his Dad Curtis’ chest in a carrier when the incident occurred, Seven News reports.

“It made a thud sound – it would’ve been like a short-range punch,” Curtis said.

Nine News

Nine News

The men exchanged words briefly outside a pub when the accused, Ian Gordon, allegedly asked “is that baby real?” before hitting baby Cruz in the head.

Curtis said his young son let out a “high-pitched scream,” and his father pulled back his blanket, fearing the worst.

“I was like, ‘please, please, please – don’t be anything wrong with him’,” he said.

Luckily the little boy escaped with minor injuries, however his father believes there would have been CCTV footage outside the Saint Pub in Perth’s suburb of Inaloo, where the incident occurred.

Nine News

Nine News

Gordon, 27, appeared in Perth Magistrates Court on Monday and pleaded not guilty to endangering the life, health or safety of a person.

He remains on bail with several conditions and will face court again on May 28.

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