The bizarre parenting rule that Kate and William swear by

Who would have thought they did this?!

August 29 2018

Prince William and Prince Kate are well known for being down-to-earth parents who follow a laid-back approach to raising their three children.

But Wills, 35, and Kate, 36, follow one rule that may seem bizarre to the rest of us, but it’s part of the royal protocol.

And the couple are happy to make sure that Prince George, four, Princess Charlotte, three, follow this rule that they strictly enforce. They’ll introduce it to Prince Louis when he is older.

At dinners with the Queen, the children are not allowed to begin eating their food until Her Majesty has started her meal. And if she’s late, this means the kids have to wait patiently until their great-granny arrives.



The strict rule also means that as soon as the Queen stops eating her dinner the rest of the family, including Prince George and Princess Charlotte, must stop eating immediately. This applies even if the Queen still has food left on her plate!

This was the way that both Prince William and Prince Harry were raised and it's believed that Harry and Meghan will also bring up their future children to abide by this rule. 

We can’t imagine how hard that would be to enforce with kids as little as George and Charlotte, so we applaud Wills and kate for enforcing it – we’re pretty convinced there will be a few bribes in there!

Do you have any family rules you follow because it's tradition?