Octomum Natalie Suleman's kids are off to school

All grown up!

August 28 2018

'Octomum' Nadya Suleman's (who now goes by Natalie) kids are all grown up and ready for their first day back at school.

Natalie, 43, has taken to Instagram to share a photo of octuplets Noah, Maliyah, Isaiah, Nariyah, Jonah, Makai, Josiah and Jeremiah all dressed up and ready for their first day at school.

"Any other parents exceptionally stressed and overwhelmed the first week back to school? 😩 I must admit six (yes I said six!) drop offs and pick ups monopolize most of my day, as I am an official bus driver (but wouldn’t have it any other way lol).

"Per usual, none of the older kids want anything to do with taking a picture, as much as I begged!"

Natalie made headlines in 2009 when she became pregnant with eight babies via IVF, when she was already mum to six kids.

After participating in a nude photoshoot and sex tape as her alter ego 'Octomom' Natalie stepped away from the spotlight to care for her 14 children.

“I earned $8,000 from basically selling my whole soul for that little pseudo-porn experience,” she told PEOPLE about the tape. “I definitely regret that 100 percent. At the time, we were in foreclosure, we were about to be homeless, and it allowed us to move into a rental, but of course I do regret that more than anything. But I learned. It validated and reinforced who I am not.”

She now works part-time as in family therapy and spends the rest of her days caring for her children.

This story originally appeared on WHO.

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