Mum reveals: 'My baby was born with no fingers - and now I want to be sterilised'

She feels SO let down by her medical team

November 18 2018

A mum whose son was born with missing fingers has revealed she is so disillusioned with doctors she has lost all trust in them - and wants to be sterilised.

Dominique O'Brien, 25, said that her 'whole world fell apart' when nurses gave her the news that her son Elliott had no fingers on one hand after his birth in February.

She is now considering sterilisation after losing faith in medics who failed to spot her baby's condition - despite Dominique having more scans than usual because she was so worried about the size of her baby.

And although she stresses that she would have always gone through with her pregnancy with Elliott, she feels she would have had time to come to terms with his condition - known as Symbrachydactyly.


Liverpool Daily Echo

Liverpool Daily Echo


Dominique, from Liverpool, UK, decided to have growth scans throughout her second pregnancy after her first born Ethan was born extremely small.

However her child's condition - Symbrachydactyly, which affects 1 in 32,000 children - remained undetected in every single scan. During one of the scans, the 25-year-old mum claims a nurse even said to her 'look at your baby waving at you'. 

'I had a scan four days before my C-section and nothing was picked up on that. As I went in to give birth the nurse asked me if I wanted her to take pictures of the baby coming out on my phone and I said 'yes'.

'I gave birth and the nurse was reluctant to hand my phone back. That's when I knew something was wrong.'

What is symbrachydactyly?

Babies with symbrachydactyly (sim-BRA-chi-DAK-til-ee) are born with short fingers, which may be webbed, or they are missing fingers. Usually this happens on only one hand.


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