Average mum works 98 hours a WEEK, study says


Content Editor / July 18 2019

The average mother works 98 hours a week, new research has found, which is the equivalent to having 2.5 jobs.

According to researchers, mum’s day begins at 6.23am on average – and she doesn’t stop going until 8.31pm on a typical day – a 14-hour shift.

And for some mums, especially if they’re nursing or have very young children, the shift continues long into the night. Not to mention being up at all hours if your children are unwell.

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“The results of the survey highlight just how demanding the role of mom can be and the non-stop barrage of tasks it consists of,” said Casey Lewis, MS, RD and Health & Nutrition Lead at Welch's, who conducted the study.

“Busy moms may identify with the list of ‘lifesavers’, which highlights not just a rigorous workload but a constant requirement to feed and fuel the family, week in and week out.”

More than 2000 mums were surveyed for the study, and many shared the “life-saving” tips and tricks that helped them get through their busy days.

The top items on the list include baby wipes, iPads, kids' TV shows, drive thru meals and coffee, Netflix and the help of grandparents and babysitters.

Having a constant supply of healthy snacks and juice on hand, a stash of toys in the car for peaceful journeys and “wine, wine and more wine” were also in the top 20.

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Here’s a full list of the top 20 life-savers

1. Baby wipes/wet wipes
2. Kids TV channels and shows
3. iPad/tablet
4. Drive thru meals
5. Netflix - watching it during late night/early morning feeds, etc.
6. Naps - for me and for everyone else
7. Wearing pajamas all day on the weekends
8. Yoga pants
9. Regular supply of coffee
10. The grandparents
11. Always having a healthy snack or drink on hand for the family
12. Tissues
13. An effective angry voice
14. A stash of homemade meals in the freezer
15. A stash of toys in the car
16. A reliable babysitter
17. Having plenty of 100% fruit juice in the house for the family
18. Wine and more wine
19. A blender for smoothies - a meal in minutes!
20. Friendly neighbors I trust with my kids

What would you add to this list?

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