Australia Day fireworks cancelled.

"We cannot ignore the ongoing bushfire emergency"

Editor / January 10 2020

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Wollongong City council has announced that they have cancelled this years planned Australia Day fireworks display.

With blazes still being battled across the country and many residents without power or access to their homes, the move has come as welcome news to the majority of the population.

Wollongong City Council also cancelled the New Years Eve fireworks display.

"Traditionally our Australia Day event has concluded with a fireworks display but we feel a light show will be a more appropriate element to wrap up this year's popular community day," Wollongong Lord Mayor Gordon Bradbery said.

"We cannot ignore the ongoing bushfire emergency that has unfolded recently for our neighbours in the Shoalhaven, Southern Highlands and beyond.

"It's appropriate we ensure the elements that make up this popular day are reflective of the circumstances we are in."


Wollongong City harbour fireworks.

Wollongong City harbour fireworks.


"With this light show we've made a few adjustments to our plans for 2020 and I assure you, it's going to be a great fun day for the whole family," Cr Bradbery said.

With most residents have welcomed the news and look forward to the planned light show instead, others are not happy at all.

"Everyone loves a night with fireworks displays even children and fire fighters... The water isnt going to catch fire ...Kiama did it wonderfully on NYE", said one.

"About time someone with a brain light show not fire works other councils should follow suit. It is more cost effective", said another.

"Great move.... lead the way with the brilliant laser light & micro drone displays like we saw at the Olympics that many cities have used to replace fireworks 👌🏼", added a third.

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