'It's amazing!' Aussie mum's $3 back-to-school hack sweeps the nation

It's so easy!

January 21 2019

 A Queensland mum-of-seven has taken things to the next level with her amazing back-to-school hack. 

Using these tea towels - which have a cult following online, thanks to their modern designs - mum Tracey has turned them into school library bags for her kids.





Sharing her hack to the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook group, Tracey proves how you can save big dollars with her simple idea. 

Kmart tea towels for the win,’ she writes. ‘The kids needed large library bags for school. 

‘Five mins to sew the edges together and a strip of velcro across the top, a clip through the hanging tab to attach to their school bags and done.’

She told New Idea Food, ‘It was honestly a 10-minute job!’

The back-to-school idea not surprisingly got the big thumbs up from other Kmart Mums.

‘So clever!’ wrote one. Added another: ‘This is brilliant!’

Said a third: ‘Clever, cost effective idea!’