Aussie Dad "happy" about a huntsman spider being on his child's pillow

Only in Australia!

Content Editor / April 09 2019

Most people would freak out at the sight of an enormous spider, let alone one that was happily crawling across their baby’s pillow.

However, the Perth Dad who snapped these pics seemed pretty pleased about the monstrous arachnid on his sleeping child’s bed.



Posting the images to the Facebook group Perth – Have A Whinge, Dad Scotty Allen wrote: “No need to worry about nasty bugs bothering my kids with this big girl watching over them 😍”.

Comments on the photo were very mixed, with one poster saying: “That's it, I'm grabbing my passport and skipping the country.”

“Burn it... sacrifice the kid if need be,” quipped another.

“Omg nooooooo is [sic] be grabbing my kid and running,” added a third.



However, others said that Dad Scott was right to leave the creature where it was.

“Yup. He'll sure take care of any dangerous critters, like white tips or redbacks. Good friendo, right there,” said one.

“It's just keeping the flies and mozzies away won't hurt anything,” said another.



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