Zoe Marshall shares heartbreaking post on Instagram

The Footy WAG reveals her struggles with new motherhood

July 31 2018

Footy WAG Zoe Marshall has shared a brutally honest and heartbreaking story on Instagram.

The 33-year-old has admitted to struggling to adjust to motherhood previously since having baby Benjamin Fox, with husband Benji, and yesterday revealed she was in a ‘dark place’, and feeling like she was ‘drowning’ with Benji being away.

Many mums will relate to the exhaustion that comes with new motherhood and trying to juggle home, work and family life, and her fans have responded with warmth and compassion, with Zoe thanking everyone for their support.

“I haven’t experienced such overwhelm since the birth”, she wrote. “I think it’s all built up and taken its toll.” Things are looking up, however, with Zoe adding “I’m resting as much as possible. I see a ENT specialist on Thursday and my psychologist tonight.”

Zoe also expressed her sadness at not having her Mum around, who passed away from cancer several years ago.

“Not having my mum is so brutally hard at the moment,” she said. She also thanked a close friend who came to her rescue yesterday saying “To have someone say ‘I’ve got you and baby Fox’ was the only thing to calm me. Thank you.’

One thing on this mans mind - swipe left
One thing on this mans mind - swipe left

Zoe also added that having her husband around again would help her through this dark time.

“My man is back tonight if only for a short time. So some loving and family time will help. I just need to get well,” she wrote.

The WAG added that she felt it was ok to speak up and reach out if things aren’t going well, which can often be hard for new mums, as the pressure is there for everything to be happy and perfect.

“I’m taking action for positive change,” she said. “There is no shame in seeking help and support.”

Zoe finished off on a brighter note, saying “Moral of the story… don’t think you can do it all. It will catch up with you.

“Time, play, joy, cake, wine, sleep, spontaneity, idleness… equally as important as the hustle and bustle.”