Zöe Foster Blake’s $5 genius parenting hack that stops kids waking up early!

All you need is one trip to Bunnings!

August 20 2018

Beauty guru Zöe Foster Blake has shared her genius hack for getting her kids to sleep in while she’s travelling -  and it only costs $5.92 at Bunnings!

 Her secret? Black Gaffer Tape.

 The author and creator of skincare brand, Go-To, who is married to comedian Hamish Blake, uses it to create makeshift blackout blinds from just about anything making it easier for her kids to go to sleep and stay asleep. 



Zöe is currently travelling with Hamish and kids, Sonny, four, and Rudy, one. 

Sharing her advice on coping with long flights, time differences and new cities, she wrote on Instagram, “Hamish and I go dead-eyed and militant when we arrive at a new place: Cot is set up. Room is blacked out. Baby is down. I set off into town to buy nappies, formula, wipes, milk and something that can pass as lunch.”

In a lengthy post the mother of two wrote, “The worst thing about travel is the actual travel. And apparently, being a parent means you don’t get to be jetlagged/tired/hungry, ever. THEY do.”

She then shared her brilliant Gaffer Tape hack on her Instagram story.