Mum freaks out when waitress asks to hold her baby. Would you?

It's sparked quite the debate...

Writer / August 31 2018

A mum has sparked a huge debate after admitting she refused to let a waitress hold her baby in a cafe.

The mum asked other mothers on parenting forum Mumsnet if they felt she was unreasonable to refuse the request because she didn't feel comfortable. 

Some parents agreed they would never let a stranger touch their baby, while others believe she over-reacted to the situation. 


Credit: Mumsnet

Credit: Mumsnet


The user, Katrina12, explained that she felt the waitress was overzealous and had started to bother her at a cafe with her friend. 'This lady wouldn't leave us alone and persisted to keep coming back for well over an hour,' Katrina wrote.

But things got out of hand when Katrina's eight-month-old son started to throw a tantrum. The waitress immediately asked to hold the baby, but the mum wasn't comfortable with this. 'I rather abruptly just blurted out 'No you cannot,''Katrina said. 

Now, she's not sure if she was too hostile to the waitress. "Am I being unreasonable to feel that this was an unreasonable request of this woman?" she asked. 

Other mums agreed that they would never give their baby to someone they did not know. 


'I wouldn't give my most precious thing to a stranger,' said one. 

'You had a gut reaction and that was to stay away,' said another. 'Trust your mama-bear instincts!'

But others felt she was too sensitive and needed to lighten up.

'Maybe she could see you were frazzled and wanted to help!' said one.

'People love cute babies. Chill out. She wasn't going to steal him. Was she?'

What do you think? Would you have let the waitress hold your child?

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