Woolworths supermarket trial new paper bags

We didn’t see this coming!

Editor / October 17 2019

Social media is already blowing up with shoppers posting both positive and negative feedback.

Paper bags a good concept until the bum falls out when something from the cold section is packed and bottom gets wet yeah right can remember the old days having bottom fall out and everything falling out”, commented one.

“ Next we'll have the hugging tree protesters out front of woolies chained to pot plants to save a tree 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️”, added another

“Wow, it’s about time”, added another.

At this stage it is believed that the new paper bags are available in limited Woolworths stores as a trial.

A Woolworthsspokesperson has confirmed to New Idea Foodthat the paper bags are a trial in some stores: "We’re trialling paper bags in around 20 stores to test customer demand and will closely monitor feedback as we do.

"The vast majority of our customers bring their own bags to shop, but we know there are occasions when they forget or visit our stores unplanned.

"We continue to offer our Bag for Good and 15 cent reusable plastic bags to our customers in all our stores."

Look out for the new greener option the next time you forget your shopping bags!

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