Breaking: Woolworths install giant perspex screens at checkouts to protect staff and shoppers

Two stores have already had them fitted

March 23 2020

Woolworths supermarkets are installing large plexiglass screens at checkouts at stores across the country in their most radical move to date to stop the spread of coronavirus. 

The supermarket giant announced the extreme social distancing measure today, meaning that shoppers will now be served from cashiers behind the large screens. 

Two stores in Sydney - Town Hall and Kellyville North - have already had the screens fitted, and other stores will follow suit in the following weeks. The move is designed to help protect both Woolies staff and shoppers from the spread of the virus. 

Woolworths managing director of supermarkets Claire Peters said: 'Our stores remain open and we will continue to stand by the Australian community through this health crisis.

'As our team members continue providing for the community, we will do everything necessary to uphold public health and safety in our stores.

'We know it’s not always easy to maintain social distancing at our checkouts, so we’ve started installing plexiglass screens as an additional safeguard for our team members and customers.

'We thank our customers for their understanding as we work through these challenging times together.' 

Woolworths stores across Sydney will also be given more security guards to help protect shoppers and staff, and on Saturday the supermarket announced a new ‘trolley rule’ - asking customers to keep a trolley’s length between themselves and other shoppers at all times. 

Image: Dallas Kilponen/New Idea Food

Image: Dallas Kilponen/New Idea Food

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