Cadbury Caramilk Philadelphia cream cheese is here!

Could not be more excited!!

October 01 2019

Home bakers all over Australia are going NUTS over the latest collaboration, the Cadbury Caramilk Philadelphia cream cheese!

Posting on Facebook, one keen shopper has discovered a little known product that has magically appeared on supermarket shelves.

Woolworths, in with the other cream cheeses”, she said when asked just where did she find the holy grail.

We ate it today as soon as it came into the store...amazing!!😍🤤”, commented one.

Hold my beer & give me a spoon!!”, said another.

Earlier - 

Chocolate lovers rejoice!

The much loved and sought after Cadbury Caramilk is coming back.

In what seems to be a leaked confirmation the cat is out of the bag.

"Confidential: Caramilk FB - schedule post 7:30pm, Wed 25th Sept."

Since the announcement was shared on an IGA supermarket facebook page followers have gone nuts.

"And. It. Begins", one excited follower commented.

"haha I will raid every IGA I can but I'm totally keeping some for me 😁😁😁😁😁😁", said another.

Watch: The original Caramilk Cadbury commercial



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