Breaking: Lion King Oohies series 2 is here!

24 new and exclusive Ooshies

Contributor, Practical Parenting / November 19 2019

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Social media has been a buzz for weeks wanting to know just when the next collectable promotion would start.

The wait is officially over!



Leaked on Facebook overnight is the arrival of Lion King series 2.

"oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness lol this has just made my year", commented one excited fan.

"Whaaaaaaaat, my Lion King obsessed daughter is going to flip!", said another.





Initial reports are that the collectors case comes complete with 24 new and exclusive ooshies. Some suggesting that it would make an excellent advent calendar, genius!

There are silver, clear, gold and glitter Ooshies featuring the characters from Lion King. 

With rare furry Ooshies making collectors a motza on eBay, series 2 will be a complete sell out.

The larger size Ooshie figurines are also new exclusive designs, collectors will be keen to add to their series 1 collections.

Run don't walk!

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