We’ve had enough, Aussie Mums chuck Woolworths Discovery Garden in the bin.

So much mould!

September 29 2019


The latest damning claims are that there is mould growing in the soil of the Discovery Garden seedlings.

Aussie Mums and Dads have been following the instructions printed on the inside of their Discovery Garden seedling collectables.


Woolworths say:Unbox your seed from its Woolworths Discovery Garden sleeve. You'll find a pot, a soil pellet and a piece of paper with the seeds in it. Don't remove the seeds from the paper. Place the soil pellet on a saucer or tray and pour 50ml of water onto the pellet.”


"So much mould". Image: Facebook

"So much mould". Image: Facebook

There are now damning claims that even using half the water needed still results in mould growth both on the cardboard container and in the soil itself.

“I have had enough, I only planted the seeds last Saturday, they have been in a light and airy position on the kitchen window and there is gross mould growing IN the soil. And no, before you all ask, I have not watered the pots since my son and I planted them. They are going straight in the bin”, said an Aussie Mum.


Mouldy soil in Discovery Garden. Image: New Idea Food.

Mouldy soil in Discovery Garden. Image: New Idea Food.


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Australia is well and truly in the thick of Woolworths latest Discovery Garden promotion, with thousands collecting free plants with their weekly shops.

Many have already reported seeing their seedlings sprout just days after planting them - much to the delight of little (and big!) gardeners.

But it seems some fans have reported making an unsettling find in some of their seedling pots, with white mould appearing days after planting.

Said one fan: ‘Are anyone else's pots growing spots of mould?


Image: New Idea Food.

Image: New Idea Food.

‘I'm just wiping it away but is there any way of stopping it? I know it's caused by the moisture but we only water every 3 days or so, so not really much...

Said another: ‘Ewwww, I just found mould in my Discovery Garden plant. I’m worried about my kids touching this.’

Added one more: ‘Anyone else’s growing mould O_o

‘I’ve followed all instructions and notice it this morning.’

The Discovery Garden followers shared photos of their mouldy plants to various Facebook groups, prompting some to say they’d also seen mould on their pots. But others were also quick to pass on advice, revealing that keeping the pots in the collectors tray could be restricting airflow.

Said one: ‘Yes the air flow in the design is poor just let them sit out and get some natural light to turn it back.’

Added another: ‘I think the problem is the tray you have them in. No airflow. I have mine on and open dish.’

On the Discovery Garden page on Woolworths website, it says the  mould is caused by the moisture in the air and suggests you: ‘You can wipe it away with a tissue.’

However another collector said that didn’t fix the issue: ‘Definitely not able to wipe what I saw with a tissue the whole pot was mould :(’ 

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