Woolworths announces 20,000 new jobs on offer

And they’re specifically hiring those who’ve lost their jobs because of the coronavirus pandemic

March 26 2020

In good news for the thousands and thousands of Aussies who’ve lost their jobs amid the coronavirus pandemic crisis, Woolworths has announced that they have 20,000 new jobs on offer. 

The tens of thousands of new jobs will involve stacking shelves, working checkouts and a Woolworths distribution centres. They will be shorter term contracts to help the supermarket cope the demands that coronavirus panic buying has placed on the supermarket giant. 

And Woolworths say they're looking to specifically hire people who’ve lost their jobs in recent weeks as the country’s hospitality, retail and travel industries - among others - all grind to a halt due to the coronavirus. 

Says Brad Banducci, Woolworths CEO: “We will have more hours for existing team members and additional roles to fill as we focus on meeting the needs of our customers and communities.

“Our immediate hiring focus is the redeployment of our ALH team members impacted by this week’s mandatory hotel closures.

“We’re also preparing to offer up to 5000 short-term roles to Qantas Group employees taking leave without pay including more than 1500 to our distribution centres.”

Originally published on New Idea Food.

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