Mum wants to give child a name that means initials will spell a VERY unfortunate word

Other mums are horrified!

October 23 2018

Naming your baby is not easy. You need to choose a name you love, that they can live with for the rest of their life. It also needs to work with their surname, any other names you choose, plus their siblings names too!

So when a woman on Mumsnet asked readers what they thought about her unique idea for a baby name with initials that would spell a certain word, she got a pretty strong reaction.

The mum and her husband finally thought they had come up with the perfect name for their infant daughter, but then they realised her initials would spell out a rather unfortunate word - LIAR.

She wrote: "If we use the middle name we want our daughter will have initials which spell LIAR. To add to it her first name also rhymes with/sounds a bit like Liar.

"Would this put you off?"

Well, clearly it did put people off!

"You cannot give her the initials LIAR!" wrote one. "How can you seriously be considering that? What if she wanted to go into politics, the press would have a field day."

"Oh god no I'd avoid it... They're awful initials to knowingly give," said another.

The new mum explained that all the names had special significance to her and argued that no-one really uses all their initials anyway, usually just the first and last. But Mumsnet posters were adamant.

"Don’t. Poor kid. Drop a middle name," another advised.

What do you think?