Woman slammed for saying breastfeeding in public is like weeing in the street

She said what?

August 22 2018

A woman who went on national TV and compared breastfeeding in public to urinating in the street has been slammed by viewers.

Virginia Blackburn was on This Morning reacting to a story where two mums were asked to get out of a public swimming pool because they were breastfeeding their babies.

Chloe Hattersley, 19, and Natalie Forester, 30, were asked to stop feeding their babies in the pool in Stoke-on-Trent in the UK, or to leave.

But Virginia Blackburn, an author, said the decision was correct because people ‘don’t want to see’ mothers breastfeeding their kids in public. She believes it’s a bodily function that should be done in private.

Asked if she thought it was like weeing in the street, she said, ‘I do think it’s on a level with it actually.

'I don't want people to start engaging in bodily functions which have usually been kept private. There are many bodily functions that are natural but we don't do them in front of other people.'

Virginia Blackburn. Credit: This Morning

Virginia Blackburn. Credit: This Morning

The mothers who were shamed at the swimming pool were clearly crushed at her opinion and social media erupted at Virginia’s views that were labelled ‘awful’ and ‘snobby’.

Chloe Hattersley and Natalie Forester Credit: This Morning

Chloe Hattersley and Natalie Forester Credit: This Morning

'What a snobby attention seeking cow! I'm definitely not against breastfeeding its a normal and natural thing a mum feeding her baby,’ said one person on Twitter.

 'So, best stop breathing in public because that's a bodily function too,' another posted. 

Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

 But others agreed that the mothers should not have been feeding in the swimming pool.

‘Breastfeeding in public, fine! Breastfeeding in a swimming pool? Crosses the line for me I’m afraid…Just sit around the edge of the pool and not in it.’

 What do you think of these views? Have you ever been asked to stop breastfeeding in public?