Woman believes parent car park spaces should go to wealthy shoppers instead

She said she was 'disgusted' young families are prioritised

October 17 2019

In the letter, the woman wrote, ‘While visiting my local supermarket I was disgusted to find the best parking spaces nearest the door are now reserved for so-called “Parent and Child parking”.’

She continued, ‘If you are fit enough to produce offspring, you should jolly well be able to walk across a car park into the supermarket.

‘The best spaces should be reserved for people with the most expensive cars’

The woman added, ‘It is us who are likely to spend the most money in the supermarket, and to have the most shopping to carry back to our cars.’

While it’s understood the letter was a tongue-in-cheek, some were unimpressed with her controversial views.

One person wrote, ‘I think it’s more about protecting kids than an entitlement, (it’s) common sense…I would hate to walk three young kids through a huge car park unnecessarily.’

According to News.com, it’s not the first time Diana Davenport has sent opinionated letters to the paper.

In 2016, she wrote, ‘You know when you’re a bogan when you have four cars that are not mobile and a home that is.’

Another time, she targeted ‘bogans’ again, quipping that the cricket match at MCG was only good for keeping them ‘out of the CBD.’

It’s currently unclear who the true identity of Diana Davenport really is.

Originally published as Woman believes parent car park spaces should go to wealthy shoppers instead