Why you should always bring baby powder to the beach


April 10 2017

But thankfully, there is a simple and foolproof way to stop the annoying sand from sticking to your body and making its way back home with you: baby powder.

Regular beachgoers, or those who live close to the coast, may already know this trick, but for the rest of us suckers who have been letting sand ruin our holidays for years, this tip is for you.

All you have to do is sprinkle the baby powder on your legs, hands, hair or any other area of the body, and watch as the sticky sand seamlessly falls away from your body.

The powder absorbs the moisture from the sand and, with a bit of a shake, it will then magically fall from the body and back to the ground - where it belongs.

This is a particularly handy tip if you’re travelling with the grandkids because we all know how much kids love to wash their sand off before heading home. 

After wriggling and squirming, they often run straight back into the sand-covered areas anyway. Well, not with the baby powder!

At least with this tip you can make your way back to the car and remove all the sand possible without getting wet and attracting more sand onto the skin.

This article originally appeared on Travel at 60