Heartbreaking new twist in Gold Coast baby death

This story takes another sad turn

November 24 2018

As Australia comes to terms with the shocking death of a nine-month-old baby at Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, a crucial clue has revealed why the mother of the un-named little girl has not been charged with her murder. 

The girls' homeless father — who cannot be named along with other family members for legal reasons — has been charged with her murder, but it is understood her 23-year-old mum has been released from custody without any charges and may be treated as a witness.



The reason behind the decision to release the mum has become more apparent as court documents, seen by the Gold Coast Bulletin,  reveal fresh police allegations that the 47-year-old dad told his partner, and the mother of the child, that he was taking the baby to see an elder, but allegedly murdered her by throwing her into the Tweed River, 30km south of where the tiny girl was found washed up.

A passer-by found her body at Surfers Paradise early on Monday morning.

In the documents,  police reportedly claim the homeless father-of-two left the mum and their other young child in the car park of  Tweed Mall for about 30 minutes on Saturday night while he allegedly disposed of the baby.

His partner, was released by police but is now in the care of Queensland mental health services.

Earlier this week, a court heard that the baby’s father was a “violent schizophrenic” who had threatened a council worker just two months before the baby’s death.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable James Treanor said that after the council worker told the family to move on from sand dunes at Broadbeach the man hurled a beer can and abuse at him — calling him a “dog” and a “murderer”.




A candle lit vigil last night led by a group of mums and residents from the nearby area last paid tribute to the little girl and many took the time to leave notes and cards apologising for the life she led. 

'We, as humans,  failed her,' said one. 'I hope she finds the peace and comfort she deserves now that she is safe from harm's way'