Pete Evans reveals what his kids eat for breakfast

It's not cereal.

February 21 2017

While most of us manage a bowl of cornflakes or vegemite on toast, Pete Evans has shown he's the king of the kids when it comes to breakfast.

The My Kitchen Rules judge shared an Instagram post of his daughter Indii's breakfast before she headed off to school. The colourful plate included organic eggs, broccolini, bacon, lettuce, avocado, fish eggs, sauerkraut and chimmichurri.

'This takes less than ten minutes from start to finish,' wrote Pete, who revealed the chimmichurri on top of the eggs was already in the fridge.

The chef, renowned for his paleo diet, also revealed that his girls love fish eggs so they get a jar every week as a treat. As he says: 'Indulgence doesn't always have to mean sweet.'

As one fan commented: 'So much better than a bowl of rice bubbles.'



Pete's campaign for greater health comes as nutrition experts have called for a co-ordinated approach to tackle the country's obesity problem. 

Studies have undertaken a landmark study on junk food which could lead to calls for poor choices being banned from schools and sports venues.

This article originally appeared on New Idea

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