It's official! The most popular baby name of all time!

...and the winner might surprise you

November 13 2018

The trend of giving a baby an unusual name is definitely on the rise, but the trendiest name in US history might surprise you.

According to biotechnologist David Taylor the title goes to Linda. Yes, Linda. 

Taylor measured name “trendiness” among names registered on the US Social Security Administration database and recorded his findings on his blog, Proofreader Plus.

Linda, according to Nameberry, means "pretty" and reached its peak in 1947 when it famously dethroned Mary from the top spot after a 100-year reign as the most popular baby name.

Meanwhile, in Austalia, new government data has revealed that the most popular girl’s name was Charlotte, just like the youngest British Princess. Traditional names Mia, Grace, Sophie and Olivia also made the top 10.

When it came to boys, topping the list for the second year in a row was Oliver, while another well-known royal moniker, William, came in second.  Classic choices Thomas, Jack and James closely followed.