Watch: Man leaps from car to catch baby falling from 5th floor window

Heart-stopping moment caught on CCTV

May 27 2019

CCTV footage has captured the heart-stopping moment a man who is parking his car, jumps from the vehicle to catch a falling child.

Tonik Turghanbek cushioned the fall of the two-year-old who fell from a window of the fifth-storey apartment in northwest China, according to

It's not clear how the child came to fall from the window.

Tonik had been parking his car in the street underneath the apartment building when he suddenly caught sight of the falling child.

Leaping out of his car he managed to get into position, underneath the toddler who was hurtling to the ground.

"The moment I saw it, he was already falling. I thought of nothing at the moment, and then I caught him," said the 28-year-old.

Turghanbek and the child were both taken to hospital but suffered no critical injuries.


Watch the video below