WATCH HERE: The moment couple's gender reveal stunt ends in disaster

Oh dear!

Content Editor / June 21 2019

A gender reveal went horribly wrong for one expectant Dad when the air cannon he was holding hit him square in the groin!

Parker Stuard and his girlfriend, Micah Toombs, from Tennessee, US, threw a gender reveal party with friends and family to reveal the sex of their unborn child, due in November.

The pair stood on the deck of their home holding air cannons which were supposed to release coloured dust into the air to indicate the baby’s gender.

Standing side by side, they pop the canisters, and as Parker’s explodes, the bottom end of his canister hits him in the crotch and he immediately doubles over in pain.

Their friends and family immediately burst into fits of laughter as the poor Dad-to-be writhes in agony.

Once he had recovered from the pain, the soon-to-be-dad uploaded the video to Facebook with the caption: “I reckon one child will be enough.”



Micah also posted the video with the caption: “Guess we’re never having kids again.”

The video quickly went viral, with more than 45,000 views.

Despite the mishap, the couple saw the funny side and are delighted to announce that they’re having a baby boy, although one commenter quipped that it might have been difficult for Parker to see the blue smoke through his tears!

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