WATCH: Ex-girlfriend in bridal gown crashes wedding and begs her former lover to take her back!

This has to be seen to be believed...

April 14 2019

A scorned ex-girlfriend CRASHED her former lover's wedding, wearing a bridal gown and begging him to take her back. 

Bizarre footage shows the ex-girlfriend bursting into the ceremony just before the bride and groom were about to kiss. She then starts grabbing at his arm, desperate for another chance to re-kindle their relationship. 



She can be seen in the video kneeling down beside the groom and yelling: 'It was my fault!', before pleading with him to give their relationship another chance. 

The 30-second clip of the heart-stopping moment quickly went viral, and it is understood to have been filmed at a recent wedding in China.

According to Star Video, the groom broke up with the ex-girlfriend because their 'personalities were different'.



And what happened? No-one quite knows.

While the groom did his best to calm the situation and hold onto his new partner's hand, she storms off in a huff.

'We have an unexpected situation here,' the wedding MC could be heard saying. 'Perhaps this is the reality of love.'

It remains unknown if the pair continued with the marriage vows after the scorned ex had gone.


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