WARNING! Teen is rushed to hospital with 100 dangerous 'balls' in her system after drinking Bubble Tea

Doctors have issued a warning to fans of Bubble Tea

June 12 2019

A teenager addicted to the new craze bubble tea or boba tea was left writhing in agony after drinking too much it.

Her love of the fruity drink forced her to be hospitalised, and doctors were stunned to find more than 100 bubble tea “pearls” stuck throughout her digestive tract.

The 14-year-old girl, known as Xiao Shen, loves the sweet, milky bubble tea.


Generic Bubble tea drink/Getty

Generic Bubble tea drink/Getty


Bubble tea comes in many different flavours and is usually filled with a large spoonful of tapioca balls called “pearls” or “boba”.

These black, chewy pearls are made from the cassava plant and are often used as a food thickener.

The Chinese Shaoxing News claims Xiao Shen told her parents she had severe tummy pains.

The teen — who was showing signs of severe bloating — hadn't been able to have a bowel movement for five days and was struggling to eat.

She was raced to the emergency department of the Zhuji People’s Hospital in Zhejiang Province where they found around 100 tiny “granular shadows” dotted throughout her digestive tract — from her stomach and all throughout her intestines.

This was a direct result of prolonged consumption of bubble tea. But with a strong laxative she was able to pass the pearls. 

Dr Zhang urged the public not to consume copious amounts of bubble tea pearls as they can be extremely difficult to digest.

He claimed many pearls contain “food additives, thickeners and preservatives”, making them potentially toxic for fans of the tea.