Urgent new limits announced on huge range of medicines amid coronavirus panic buying

Limits in place as panic buyers strip shelves.

Editor / March 19 2020

The Australian Health Department has restricted the sale of paracetamol,  Ventolin and prescription medication as supplies run low amid coronavirus panic buying.

Paul Kelly, Australia's deputy chief medical officer announced the changes today after reports of shortages across the nation.


"Please do not buy more than you need for anything, whether that's food and particularly medicines," Dr Kelly said.


Pharmacists are restricted to sell one unit per customer across all paracetamol varieties including Childrens Panadol, and also asthma mediation Ventolin. 


Consumers are also advised that pharmacies will be limiting the dispensing of certain medications to just one month’s supply.

It is hoped that these new tough restrictions slow down the panic buying across the nation.

"There have been reports of people buying large quantities of these medications over the last few days," Dr Kelly said.

"I recognise again that people are fearful about issues, particularly those that might affect their own families.

"But I say again, as the Prime Minister said yesterday about panic buying, please do not buy more than you need."

Michelle Connolly has worked as a photo director, social media manager and photo editor at some of Australia's biggest media companies, including New Idea. She is now editor of Practical Parenting and loving mum-of-two.