Tragic toddler run over by his dad who didn’t realise what he’d done

Family say their grief is beyond words

March 23 2017

The family issued a statement to the Cootamundra Herald describing their heartbreaking loss.

‘The grief we are all experiencing is obviously very deep and the pain is so hard to bear,’ it begins.

‘His loss leaves an immense hole in the heart of his dad, Jeremy, his mum, Jodie, his two sisters Liliana and Charlotte and his big brother, Ethan.

‘We are so very grateful for the kind and heartfelt support that has been shown to our family through the tragic loss of our little boy Wyatt.’

Accidents involved cars and small children at home are thought to be the second highest cause of childhood fatalities, after backyard pool drownings, and accounts for seven deaths and over 60 injuries per year to kids under 15.

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