She lived in a hut made of twigs: the horror life of homeless baby found dead at Surfers Paradise

Residents are getting angry about the life she led

November 20 2018

A baby girl found dead on Surfers Paradise was sleeping in a hut made from sticks and branches.

The incredibly sad living conditions of the nine-month-girl's family have been revealed following her death yesterday. 

The makeshift shack made of dead wood and twigs was home to the baby girl, her two-year-old brother and their parents - dad, 48 and mum, 23.

And now Gold Coast residents are growing angry over the way the nine-month-old baby died, despite at least two people claiming they reported her homeless parents to police.

The little girl was discovered by a passer-by at the edge of the water at Surfers Paradise on Monday, but she could not be revived.

However, at least two locals say they contacted police and other authorities about the family, who had been sleeping rough near the beach where the nine-month-old was found dead.



According to, Erin Sorensen says she went to police two months ago when she saw the baby, her two-year-old older brother and her parents all living homeless around the beaches of the Gold Coast.

“They had blankets at that time but I would hear the newborn crying early hours of morning,” a Surfers Paradise resident told the Gold Coast Bulletin yesterday. “Why was the baby left with the parents — just why?”





The baby's toddler brother, who was described as being in a “healthy” condition, has been taken in by the state’s Department of Child Safety.

Their father, 48, and mother, 23, were found in Broadbeach about 5km away from where the dead baby girl and arrested. They were taken into custody after police attended an alleged domestic violence incident soon after discovering the dead baby. It's thought they had not reported their daughter missing.