This shirtless Aussie baker’s MEGA Vanilla Slice has taken over the internet. Have you seen it yet?

It's gone viral worldwide!

November 14 2018

Whoever said the phrase ‘Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’ clearly has never seen this MEGA Vanilla Slice. 

Made by one very hunky baker from the MPH Cafe in Victoria, the 15cm-high masterpiece has a cult following amongst local diners - and now this photo has gone viral with hundreds of thousands of people around the world commenting and liking it!

It’s hard to know whether patrons are keen on the delicious slice or the good-looking shirtless man behind it, but given that it comes in flavours such as salted caramel and Nutella - *drool* - we’re going to say the former.


Image: MPH Cafe/Instagram

Image: MPH Cafe/Instagram


The mega slices are made onsite at the cafe, which is located at Mount Martha on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, and they also make a range of other killer baked goods, including Nutella Donuts. 

But it’s the Vanilla Slice that’s a favourite amongst patrons far and wide - it's 15cm tall!

‘These look like they’ve come straight from heaven,’ wrote one fan. Said another: ‘I need to eat six of these every day, in every flavour. Please and thank you.’


Image: MPH Cafe/Instagram

Image: MPH Cafe/Instagram


Many Instagram and Facebook fans are planning at trip to Mount Martha just to try the mega slice, and we don’t blame them.

‘Get in the car and pick me up straight away - we’re going on a road trip,’ wrote one Instagram fan.

Pick us up on the way, won’t you?! For more information, head to MPH Cafe’s Facebook page. 

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