This pristine pantry makeover has caused a sensation on social media – but not for the reasons you might think!

In fact this mum’s efforts are being SLAMMED online

Editor / April 11 2019

After spending two days decluttering and organising her kitchen pantry, an Australian mum proudly shared an image of her new look pantry in a home hacks Facebook group. She revealed to group members that she was able to achieve the next-level organisation using bargain Kmart products.

At first glance, her pantry seemed to be the perfect inspiration but the black pin board displaying the mum’s ‘Pantry Rules’ has stirred up controversary with its wording.

The first of two rules says “Don’t ask me where anything is cuz I labelled every darn thing,” referencing the labels on each of the Kmart tins, jars and baskets.

But it is the second that has people branding the mum as “aggressive” and “outrageous”. The mum warned her family against undoing her two days of hard work by letting them know “If you mess it up I will cut you”.



Her affectionate sign off of “with much love, Mum” hasn’t done much to calm her audience with the image being shared to a second Facebook group setup to ‘roast’ peoples’ hacks.

It has drawn comments such as “OMG, this woman needs to calm down,” and “I’d never put a sign up like for my children to read. I don’t get why people think it’s funny,” another said.

“You’ll cut your loved ones … feral,” someone chimed in.

She wasn’t without her supporters though. Having attracted more than 1000 comments since being posted, many have joined the conversation in support of the mum and her strict rules. Commenters agreed they’d be “spewing” if their husbands messed up their own hard work in the kitchen.

“She doesn’t f**k around, good on her,” another added. Others thought the pantry was “goals” and praised her for having a “beautiful” kitchen, obviously seeing the humour in the mums attempt to run tight ship in her kitchen.

What do you think, did the mum take it too far with her rules or are you simply impressed by her affordable home makeover?

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