This picture of a tired mum is going viral – and people are ANGRY

'I just think it’s so rude!'

September 21 2018

A picture of a tired mummy blogger holding up a sign has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

Shared to Twitter, the image shows a blonde woman holding a takeaway cup of coffee next to a letter board.

The sign reads: ‘Mums should get a fast pass to the front of the line at coffee shops. Honey, you’re 22 and slept 10 hours last night? Get to the back of the line.’

The origins of the controversial image appear to be from a since-deleted Instagram owned by a mummy blogger from Canada, and has stirred up a big Twitter storm.

Thousands of people took offense to the post, claiming mums don’t deserve special treatment just because they have children.

Many others pointed out that it is insensitive to women who may be struggling to conceive.

‘I just think it’s so rude! What if you don’t want kids? Or can’t have them? Thankfully none of my mum pals are like this or I wouldn’t see the friendship lasting!’ one person said.

‘Here’s my problem with her, making this sign, posing it to ig, planning this whole charade, took way longer than it would’ve taken to wait in line at Starbucks. She obviously has time,’ another wrote.

‘It's really dismissive. Some 22 year olds live stressful lives. Actually quite a lot do. Underemployment, or being overworked, being locked out of the housing market and those with anxiety/depression,’ one Twitter user said.

This article originally appeared on That's Life.

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