This mum's way of getting rid of headlice has gone viral - but it's SO BIZARRE! Will you try it?

The smell!

December 11 2018

It's no secret that we all tear our hair out when faced with nits for the umpteenth time this year. 

As soon as your child starts that tell-tale scratching with head lice, you get that sinking feeling once again..

But one mum is claiming that her solution for banishing the little critters from her kids' hair works, even though it's a little odd...

She says her secret is mouthwash. DENTAL MOUTHWASH!

Nope, not joking. 

Writing on Newsner she says, 'Not only is it cheap but it’s free from any chemicals and you don’t have to agonize your kids for hours doing it.'





After the anonymous mum posted her theory she asked readers to share it as much as possible - but what is this magic recipe?

We'll tell you before your head starts to itch even more than it does right now...

You need:

• A lice comb

• Mouthwash

• White wine vinegar

• A plastic bag or shower cap

• Towel


What to do:

1. Wet your child's hair with the mouthwash, then cover their hair with a shower cap or a plastic bag. Let it sit for an hour. This might sound crazy but lice really dislike the strong smell of mouthwash.

2. Rinse the hair and then wet the hair again — this time with white wine vinegar. The vinegar helps get rid of the eggs. Allow the vinegar to sit for one hour by once again covering the hair.

3. Now wash the hair with a regular shampoo and comb it with a lice comb.

4. If there’s a case of lice going around at school, spray your child’s hair with a little mouthwash before they leave the house to keep the lice away. And hey — your kids will smell fresh all day!

Now, we're not promoting this method and we're not sure putting Listerine or vinegar in your child's hair is a great idea.




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