He was Australia's SMALLEST baby when he was born but he's 26 AND LOOK AT HIM NOW!

Jonathon Heeley was Australia's smallest baby at just 347g

April 04 2019

He was born 12 weeks premature and was once the smallest ever premature baby survivor, but now Jonathon Heeley is a 26-year-old dancer who towers over his mum!

Jonathon was born at 374g - barely the weight of a full can of Coke - but now you'd never know Jonathon's start in life was so shaky.

Back then, the 26cm baby was given a 10 per cent chance of survival, could be wrapped in tiny handkerchief-sized nappy and took his first bath in a kidney dish.


Gail Heeley with Jonathon

Gail Heeley with Jonathon


These days Jonathon owns a dancing school in Hervey Bay and is a keen choreographer. 

"I love the feeling of getting on stage and expressing yourself, particularly in choreography," he said.

"Imagination is the only thing that is limiting you."

 And just check him out!



And Jonathon, or Jono, doesn't even think about the fact he was the infamous 'Coke can baby' affect his life now.

"Some people have said they saw me in the paper when I was born and it really inspired them. I can't believe I made an effect on people like that, good or bad," he said.

"I don't really hear about it too much now. I'm just getting through life and everything's fine."

You can check out Jonathon's Facebook here.