This Is What Sara From The Little Princess Looks Like Now

Can you believe it's been 21 years since the film's release?!

March 26 2017

Liesel Pritzker Simmons has kept a very low profile since the film came out in 1993, minus her role in Air Force One (as Harrison Ford's daughter.)

So, what has she been up to? Well, she's sort of a real-life princess - well, an heiress - with a huge fortune.

Forbes, has the full story of the court-case which resulted in a whopping $500 million settlement. And Liesel's behaved just like Sara with the payout: she gave $50 million to her mother to start an education foundation, and lived in India for a while. There, she volunteered at a children's nursery school, and later used the healing power of yoga to people with substance abuse.

Sadly for us, she decided not to go back to acting, and instead travels the world with her husband Ian, while funding economic projects. Check her out in this video from Yale University...

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