This daddy daughter dance is the cutest thing ever

Just so sweet!

Content Editor / October 23 2018

Almost 300 Australian Dads will dance with their tiny ballerina daughters in a recital that will be held across the nation on October 28.

Dance company Tiny Tutus invited Dads to dance with their preschool-aged daughters at special events held in all major cities. And the Dads have been rehearsing with their little girls in preparation.

“The Tiny Tutus Daddy Daughter Dance is such a unique and precious experience,” says Simone Cadell, founder of Tiny Tutus. “Each year Daddies who have danced with us have loved the magic of sharing this special time with their daughters in a way they never have before.

“Spending time together at rehearsals and working through the simple choreography is honestly beautiful. The memories you’ll share of your ‘in class’ moments will be as significant as performing the actual dance on stage at recital.

“It’s about a Daddy and his little girl sharing a unique, important and very precious moment.”

There are 37 dance recitals taking place in most states, including NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, WA and the NT.

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