The secrets to a super-organised family

A pro organiser shares her top tips

August 15 2018

Getting organised with kids is all about establishing the right habits and following a routine. Pro-organiser Rachel Rosenthal of Rachel and Company reveals the secrets to staying organised.

Have a permanent charity box
“Designate a donation spot in each of your kids’ closets for outgrown clothes and in your garage or storage room for toys that your children no longer play with,” Rachel told Real Simple.


Review paperwork on a daily basis
Don’t let your papers pile up. “When you grab your mail each day, recycle the junk mail immediately and sort the rest in vertical file folders.” Rachel suggests.

Organise your life according to your needs
“Be realistic with how you and your family function and create organising systems based on the way your live,” says Rachel. For example, if everyone takes off their shoes at the front door, set up a basket system for each member of the family.

Alright, what's one area that you can quickly get to organizing this weekend? I am talking that one area that you can basically rest set quickly that will allow you to feel organized for the week ahead. Think about that one area that you see often. Is it your kitchen, mudroom, bedroom? ____ This mudroom organization would be a great example of a weekend project. It's a high traffic area so getting it organized brought big reward. ____ When organizing, collect everything doesn't belong there and take it out/bring it to where it belongs. Then, categorize what is left, add items to store and contain the items and add your own fair and personality to the space. We love what @crosbydesigns did to design this space. It gave us a great canvas to organize! ____ TELL ME: What's the one area in your home that gets the most traffic that you feel the need to get organized? #organization #mudroom #getorganized

Allow kids to organise themselves
“Dedicate a kitchen drawer or shelf in the pantry with the supplies that the kids will need to prepare their lunches,” she recommends. Teach your children some organisational strategies so they can take responsibility for themselves.

This article originally appeared on Better Homes & Gardens.