Sara confession: 'The REAL reason I lose the plot on The Block'

And it's not what you think!

September 10 2018

Throughout this season of The Block, Sara and Hayden have been known for their, how do we put it,  um... monster fights and off-the-hook rows.

Last night, the couple even mentioned getting a divorce over a door that Sara hated but Hayden LOVED. But now Sara has revealed the real reason she loses control of her temper so often - and it's something every mum can probably relate to.  

The mum-of-one says it's because she misses her daughter Harlow so much. 

'She’s our only daughter and we’ve never spent that much time apart,” the 31-year-old says. 'I felt like I was neglecting her at one of the most pivotal moments of her life.'


'She's just started to talk and understand what we were saying. And when we would say goodbye to her on FaceTime she would actually understand that and cry,' the flight attendant added.

'As a mother watching that, it was heartbreaking. But for Hayden watching me go through that, that was heartbreaking for him too. It was a pretty tough time for us.'

At the same time, as she was dealing with the massive mum-guilt, Sara also admits she went on the show for their daughter’s future and the reason for them not storming off The Block was  that Hayden reminded her why they went on the show in the first place.

'It was really hard for me by week three because I was missing her so much - and when he said those words, I thought let's just continue doing this and proving everyone wrong,' she revealed.

'We live in Sydney and it’s so hard,' Sara said, 'unless you’re mortgaged to the eyeballs, there’s no way we would have been able to afford a decent future for her. So ultimately we went in to this knowing we were going to try our best for her.'

Hayden also revealed it was ‘now or never’ for the couple 'because we’ll probably have another baby again in the near future.'

Maybe there's an announcement just around the corner...

Faye James is a regular contributor at New Idea, WHO and Practical Parenting and works across health, beauty, celebrity and royal content. She has over 20 years of experience spanning across the UK, Middle East and Australia.

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