The heartbreaking story behind this blurry family photo

Grab your tissues

March 06 2017

'This is the only photo we have of the five of us. Literally the only one. And it’s so out of focus that we’re practically unrecognisable,' Cath wrote.

She regrets the trivial worries which kept her from taking photos or thinking she 'didn't have time' for them.

'[You] do, you have time,' Cath wrote.

'You're not too fat. Your wardrobe is lovely. Your hair is perfect just how it is. You're actually not too busy. You don't need to wait until your middle child's toothless smile is corrected by time, or your youngest self-cut fringe has grown out, or your oldest is out of that cast. Now is the perfect time to have photos taken. Now, before it changes. Right now. You are all perfect as you are.

'I have sobbed over this one photo, and the lack of better versions of it to adore. I thought we had time. Learn from me and have the bloody photos taken, there is nothing you will regret.

'I thought we had time.'

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