Terri Irwin: “Why Steve and I never had a honeymoon”

The 54-year-old shares an amazing insight into her life with Irwin

October 03 2018

Terri Irwin has shared an incredible story on US TV show The View, about the reason she and late husband Steve never had a honeymoon.

“We got married in my grandmother's church in Eugene, Oregon,” Terri said, “and then we got a phone call that some bad guy was going to shoot a crocodile.

“And would we ever want to come and try to save it and maybe film it as well.”

With that, the couple scrapped their plans to go on honeymoon and Terri and Steve went straight back to Australia.

“I’m with my new husband filming this exciting opportunity to save a crocodile and protect these beautiful animals,” the 54-year-old said.

“So it was a bit daunting when we'd catch the croc and Steve said, ‘You jump on its head and then I'll get the net off.’ I'm like, ‘What? I thought I was going to watch you do this!’” Terri explains.

Terri also revealed in another interview that Steve never thought he would live to an old age.

“Oh, he never thought he’d have a long life,” she revealed. “He just always kind of had this sense that his life would be cut short.”

The couple have two children, Bindi, 20 and Robert, 14.