Supermarket workers claim one very unlikely profession is buying up the toilet paper

Well this is unexpected

Contributor, Practical Parenting / March 10 2020

With supermarkets now issuing strict limits on toilet paper purchases across the country in the wake of the coronavirus panic shopping crisis, there’s hope that customers will soon be able to get their hands on the coveted item. 

But now some shoppers are taking to social media to reveal the lengths that some shoppers are going to to get around the store limits on toilet paper, including wearing elaborate disguises. 

And some supermarket workers have even claimed that tradies are getting a bad reputation for being repeat offenders when it comes to stocking up on toilet paper. 

Sharing on Twitter, one user wrote: ‘Chatted to my local Coles, Woolies & Aldi staff and they all same say (sic) thing. 

‘Biggest problem is white tradies rolling in at crack of dawn spending hour doing repeat purchases (so as not to break bulk limits) then leaving with utes loaded with bog roll.’

The same user adds: ‘Chatted with Woolies manager... they just rotate through self serve buying bulk packs 2 at a time for 30-60 mins. 

‘Take 2 packs out to car, walk back in (often take jumper off/put hat on so they “look” bit different) buy 2 more. 

‘These are big tradies. Staff scared to confront.’



While there’s no doubt this is just a small group of shoppers, others agree it’s not the Australian way. 

‘Good old true blue Aussie tradies doing this shyte? Charming’ said one.

But another social media user said: ‘Let’s not put all tradies down, that’s ridiculous. Everyone needs to just calm down.’

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Originally published on New Idea Food.

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