Student's wrist stamped because he ran out of lunch money

His mum said he was 'humiliated'.

April 02 2017

Speaking to Buzzfeed, mum, Tara Chavez, claims her son, who attends school in Phoenix, Arizona, was stamped on the inner wrist as a reminder for her to top up his account.

Chavez’s son, who has not been named, said her son showed her the inside of his wrist when he got home from school one day. Knowing he might be upset about it, she asked if he was given a choice in the matter. 

“My kid’s really weird about stuff like that, so I asked if he was given a choice by the lunch lady and he said, ‘No, she just grabbed my wrist and put the stamp on.’”

Surprised by the actions of the cafeteria staff member, Chavez said, “Normally I get a slip in his folder when he needs more money.”

She added: “He was screaming and crying the entire time. He was humiliated, didn’t even want me to take a picture of it.”

After communicating her concerns, the school principal told the mum that the staff member in the cafeteria is “supposed to ask them if they want a stamp or a reminder slip.”

The principal added that she will discuss the incident with the staff member.

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