Sneak peek: Is this the new range of Coles Stikeez 2?


March 13 2019

Is this our first look at how the new Coles Stikeez promotion will look?

The supermarket giant have already said they will launch a second mini-collectables series for shoppers next year following the huge success of the first and of their Little Shop phenomenon. 

Stikeez are little plastic fruits and vegetables that have a suction cup on the bottom and they're being given away when you shop at Coles. You get one Stikeez character for every $30 you spend.

Over in South Africa, the Pick 'N Pay chain of supermarkets, who also ran the Stikeez collectables series, followed up their miniature series with this - Stikeez 2, Creatures Of The Deep.

Following its success, it would be no surprise if Coles decided to follow suit!



Stikeez 2 features the Stikeez as sea creatures, some of them glow in the dark

There are 24 to collect, a Submarine Collector’s Album, a range of plush toys and even an app with a new mobile game.

Unfortunately, environmental organisations weren't too happy with the Creatures of the Deep campaign due to the effects of plastic pollution on sea life.

But, with shoppers, the whole phenomenon proved as successful as it has in Australia. 





Coles haven't revealed if they'll be following in the footsteps of the South African Stikeez but if their success with the first range is anything to go by, they'll be keen to carry on - and so will thousands of kids. 

Watch this space!




You can swap your Coles Stikeez this weekend on Saturday March 16!