Students from posh school filmed in disgusting tram chant

It was the disgraceful scene that left passengers horrified

October 22 2019



he chant was so disgusting that one intimidated tram passenger filmed the incident and released it online.

The words to the song are published below: be warned that they are grossly offensive. 

‘I wish that all the ladies

Were holes in the road

And if I were a dump truck

I’d fill them with my load.’

St Kevin's in Toorak. Image: Channel 7

St Kevin's in Toorak. Image: Channel 7

St Kevin's College headmaster, Stephen F. Russell, has publicly apologised and says the students are being disciplined. He added the incident first came to notice after other students flagged it.

‘Students upset by the behaviour have already come to me and we have been following through in both a disciplinary and pastoral manner today,’ he said, according to 3AW .


The students filmed on tram. Image: Supplied

The students filmed on tram. Image: Supplied

‘We have always and will continue to challenge such poor behaviour and misogynistic attitudes through programs at school and with the co-operation of parents.’

St Kevin's College, located in posh Toorak, is one of Melbourne’s most expensive private schools for boys.

The witness, ‘Melanie’ who took the video says the tram was full, with many elderly passengers and young children.

‘I thought it was disgusting,’ she told ABC radio, adding she didn’t confront the boys out of fear about what might happen.

ABC News Breakfast host Michael Rowland slammed the incident as ‘disgraceful behaviour’, writing on Twitter that ‘It’s much more than a sexist chant.’

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